There are lots of treatments for ovarian cysts. Your medical doctor will usually tell you to get some form of surgery to get them removed, which, in turn eventually ends up removing your ovaries as well.If you are looking for a safe and natural methods for getting rid of your ovarian cyst then the tips below may be very useful for you:

Watch Your Diet

In order to get rid of ovarian cysts, you need to carefully watch your diet. The foods that you are eating or not eating can play an important role in your ovarian cyst and its ability to get better. Drinking lots of coffee, eating plenty of seafood and red meat is a bad idea at this time. Coffee is an irritant for your cyst and it is only making it more painful. Seafood and red meat are as equally as bad. Cutting these items from your diet can boost the healing process and give you relief.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol intake must be inhibited as they are carcinogenic in origin. Iron supplements shouldn’t be taken unless advised by the medical doctor because cancerous cells feed on iron, which is the major reason why red meat containing high iron content must be cut down.

Heating Pads

These have worked very well and if your pain is real bad and you are allowed to take them Ibuprofen does wonders for this type of pain. If it bothers you to have it on your stomach try using it your back.

Relief for massage

Gentle massage can also do wonders for you, particularly if done on the lower back. Use peppermint massage oil as it possesses properties which could soothe your body and mind.

Try to decrease as much stress in your life as possible

I know that this is gonna be a difficult one to follow, but stress is one of the major causes that your body is in such imbalance. By taking a few minute breaks here and there at your job or in your house you can help your body to cope with stress, as well as help you to maintain your sanity. Stress is definitely the major player in just about all diseases, and ovarian cysts are certainly the same to that rule.

Vitamin B6, Calcium and Magnesium

If you are taking Vitamin B6, Calcium and Magnesium then continue using them. They are proven to lessen pain as well. I also suggest that you do regular exercise particularly pelvic rocking exercise. You also have to do breathing exercises if you wish to manage your pain. Once your period is near, you can take Ibuprofen until your period is finished. And finally, you need to rest and sleep properly.

If ovarian cysts are making your life miserable and you want to eliminate them then you need to take action as soon as possible. There is a great book called Ovarian Cyst Miracle which can show you step-by-step how to cure your ovarian cyst naturally and safely in only several weeks.
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I wish you the best!