Do you wish you could make the pain from your ovarian cyst disappear? Do you hate the fact that you cannot sleep since the pain hurts so much? Is it interfering with your job and your every day life? Are you depressed because of it and you do not know any other way out? If you feel like this at all, then you certainly need some help and you need some ovarian cyst pain relief.

Listed here are several tips that can be helpful for you to cure your ovarian cyst naturally:

Using pain relievers

The first ovarian cysts natural cure that we will discuss is the use pain relievers. There are lots of over the counter drugs on the market that you can buy to relive the pain. In many instances, cysts will go away of their own accord. However, the pain that they may cause during their presence can’t be ignored. This is the reason pain relievers are usually advised.

Herbal tea

Sipping on herbal tea works wonders for your cyst. A little chamomile tea is great to break down the cyst and give you some pain alleviation also.

Looser pants

Another tip is looser pants. Do not ever think to wear tight clothes! These clothes can raise the pain from a cyst on the ovary! So put those tight clothes away and begin wearing looser ones. Throw that super tight jean back to your closet.

Yup, this kind of jeans will lay load on your cyst! Your pain will probably be enlarged and you’ll feel discomfort. Wear looser pants and your pain will significantly decrease.


Don’t ask me why but when my partner will give me a massage on my lower back, hands and feet if I can get him to truly helps me. Maybe it is distracting my mind from the pain but all I can tell you is it works wonders for me. You should try it too.

Live healthily

Another useful tip that can also help you deal with pain is to start living a healthy lifestyle. Aside from watching your diet and excluding drink and food that are known to aggravate the problem, you should also incorporate exercise to your daily routine. Yoga and Pilates is great to boost endorphins, a natural painkiller.

Heat Therapy

I know that this sounds a little like old-fashioned, but by applying a heating pad or even a hot water bottle on your stomach will help reduce the pain in your pelvic area right away. But do not just place the pad or water bottle on the stomach. Wrap the pad or bottle against your pelvic area with plastic wrap from the kitchen.

This helps to keep the heat centralized and contained exactly where you need it, against the inflamed part of your stomach. Yes, you are probably going to sweat some, however the relief that you will get can make up for that inconvenience.

Although the tips I have mentioned above seem simple, you still need to consult your medical doctor prior to trying any treatment. Oftentimes, Pain management is a case to case basis and may not be effective for everybody. Find out what pain management routine is best suited for you and stay with it to effectively get rid of the pain caused by complex ovarian cyst. If you still need some recommendations then you can take a look at my review on the Ovarian Cyst Miracle book and to discover how to get rid of your ovarian cyst naturally and in less than 12 weeks.
Good luck and all the best!